Pascal (Right) and his friend Claude from New Generation

We have been spending time with the children asking them to talk about the role of New Generation in their lives. James Clacherty, a volunteer from South Africa has led this process by sitting talking to them as they draw. The stories are small but they give an insight into the children’s hopes and dreams for their lives.Pascal is 14 years old, slight and shy when I first meet him but as we talk he relaxes and I see he is a boy with determination to learn.

“My picture shows me on a bicycle I am bringing things I bought from the market – potatoes and oil and then I take them home. My mother works in the fields to get money for us. I live with my mother and my little brothers at home. If there is not food at home I come to New Generation, my friend’s house.

Here in my picture I saw the father of my friends, Dieudonne, he is coming home and I say hello to him. He is a person I can talk to if I have problems and Sylvester too if pastor is not here.

Dieudonne zooming past in his car

I love school so much. I like the stories and I learn how to read and speak there. I go every day – all the days of the week, morning and afternoon. I come every day from school to the centre at lunch time to get food. I am in Grade 4 and my teacher’s name is Rose. I like French the best as I will learn to speak to other people and English.

Pascal on his way to school.

They give me books and shoes and uniform for school here at the centre. If you go to school without these things you cannot get far. The other children laugh at you if you don’t have shoes and some children feel sad and then stop to go to school one day then all days. But if that happens to me I don’t listen to them.

I have good friends here from the centre they advise me to keep going to school and they correct me.

Pic with friends

I want to be at high school in five years time and then to work with computers. One day I will work on the computers at Kings Hotel at the internet café. When I see people working there I feel really happy – I want to do that.

Pascal working at his computer.