We have been spending time with the children asking them to talk about the role of New Generation in their lives. James Clacherty, a volunteer from South Africa has led this process by sitting talking to them as they draw. The stories are small but they give an insight into the children’s hopes and dreams for their lives.

Deris is 9 years old and interminably busy making something. He wears a faded orange “Tutor-U” t-shirt and is one of the most animated children in the group – he seems always to be engaged in some sort of internal dialogue including the occasional dance or song. He will pick up whatever he can find and he is often seen running backwards and forwards each time with a different piece of plastic, string or stick that he is about to add to his newest creation. Parachutes of black plastic bags, bamboo cars with repurposed flip-flop-tires, kites, footballs – his hands are always busy.